Ruthe Jackson Center Gardens

Grand Prairie, Texas

Planning, and design new facilities to enhance the amenities of the City’s Ruthe Jackson Center centering around a cascading meandering water feature (reinforced concrete).

In addition to designing the Center’s water feature, services included the design and layout of a concrete patio, structural design of foundation support systems for a new Pavilion/Chapel Building, elevated pedestrian walkway/bridge structure, retaining wall design and the structural design of a new fireplace/chimney.

Other elements of the project’s design included storm drain system design, public utility design and sub-grade stabilization.

Overall responsibilities consisted of coordination with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and franchise utilities and construction oversight.

Design work for the Ruthe Jackson Center Gardens earned a nomination for the 2009 Golden Trowel Award in the Hardscape/Landscape Category through the Masonry Contractors Association.

"When it was decided to add a Garden event area to the Ruthe Jackson Center in Grand Prairie I did not hesitate in Contacting JEA HydroTech to handle this project. As usual, they were outstanding in responding to our needs and giving us direction on this project."

Steven D. Plumer, RLA, ASLA
Sr. Parks Project Manager