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November 2014

JEA HydroTech welcomes John R. January, RPLS to our team.

John heads up our Surveying Department. His background includes over 35 years of surveying in both Texas and other States with the vast majority in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. He has been very active in TSPS for many years and has served as the Dallas Chapter President and Vice-President, as well as TSPS North Area State Representative and Chairmen for the Education and Program Committees. While a student at Tyler Junior College, John was Co-Founder of the East Texas Student Chapter of TSPS, serving as Vice President (1986/87) and President (1987/88) of that Chapter.

September 2014

Jim Anglea, Vice President – Sports Division, “teams up” with JEA HydroTech.

Jim is an innovator and pioneer in sports field maintenance. Besides being a former head grounds keeper for the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians, he is the inventor of multiple sports fields products and founder of ATC Diamond Pro and Anglea Turf Infield Conditioner.

His experience covers designing, constructing and renovating multiple types of fields and stadiums including baseball/softball, football and soccer. Jim has worked with little leagues and big leagues, amateurs and professionals, high schools and colleges. There are few in the industry with more experience.

March 2014

JEA HydroTech is pleased to announce the opening of our Project Office in San Angelo.

Our new project office is located near Angelo State University at:

1825 College Hills Blvd.
 Suite B
San Angelo, TX 76904

October 2012

JEA HydroTech is active in our community and Professional Organizations.

At JEA HydroTech, we pride ourselves in our involvement in the Community and Professional Organizations.

Ed Gutierrez, P.E., President, is a Former President of the TSPE (Texas Society of Professional Engineers) Mid-Cities Chapter and Chairs the Scholarship Committee. He is also very active in administering the “Math Counts” program. Ed has also served on the P & Z Commission for the City of Arlington.

Rick Evans, Marketing Manager, has been a member of the Fort Worth SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services) Chapter’s Board of Directors since the formation of the local Chapter in 2009. During the SMPS 2011-2012 year (September to August), he served as Chapter President.

June Owens, Administrative Assistant, is the President of the Arlington 4th of July Association. This group organizes the Annual 4th of July Parade thru downtown Arlington and is one of the Nation’s largest parades celebrating our country’s independence.

Ed and Rick are also members of the Arlington Community Band. Ed, a member of the woodwind section, is one of the longest standing members, and Rick joined the band in 2000 and plays in the percussion section.

October 2011

JEA HydroTech is following the Federal Communications Commission's review of LightSquared plans for a wireless broadband network to provide internet access nationwide. According to the Coalition to Save Our GPS, dated July 2011, part of its process will be “to transmit radio signals that would be one billion or more times more powerful than the signals that GPS receives – causing severe interference impacting hundreds of millions of GPS users. This includes receivers used by U.S. federal agencies, state and local governments, first responders, airlines, civil engineering, construction and surveying, agriculture, other industries, and everyday consumers in their cars and hand-held devices.”

Preliminary testing has already proven the harmful effects caused by transmissions from the LightSquared system over existing GPS signals. We will continue to monitor the developments in this continuing discussion. Licensed professionals in the firm have provided their concerns via the comment forum on the FCC website. With implications to the future of land surveying and the potential conflicts such an enterprise could cause, we foresee problems on the horizon which could profoundly affect our industry.

September 2011

JEA HydroTech strives to improve our processes in preparing Designated Pooling Units, Surface Use Plats and other associated Well Plats for our gas and oil clients. We are involved in ongoing exploration and drilling in the Barnett, Haynesville and Eagleford shales of Texas.

Our vast experience in dealing with the difficulties encountered in the preparation of complex urban well sites has proven to be of great value to our clients. We strive to meet the changing demands due to technological advances resulting in reduced production cost for clients. The coordination among title companies, land men and other consultants has been a common thread in our dealings with these clients. Our timely response and informed approach remain our strongest assets on these projects.

September 2011

JEA HydroTech continues to focus on Land Development throughout the State of Texas with emphasis in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have updated our standards to meet those adopted in 2011 by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

The minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are designed to create a uniform national standard and provide information for title insurance companies along with legal protection for both the surveyor and the client. These requirements provide a clear and convenient process for a client to order a survey of land and be assured of the accuracy of the survey and the information shown. Specifications for accuracy and requirements listing the minimum information that must be shown on any ALTA survey generally exceed the minimum standards set by the State of Texas. Surveys prepared by an RPLS must conform to both ALTA standards and minimum requirements as set forth by the state.

December 2010

JEA HydroTech has a new look! Highlighting our new look is our brochure outlining our services and expertise in the areas of Engineering; Surveying; Hydrography, Hydrology and Hydraulics; Construction Management; and, Gas Well Permitting. For a copy of our new brochure please click here to request one by sending us your contact information.

April 2010

JEA HydroTech is proud to announce that we are now licensed to provide Engineering Services in the State of Oklahoma.

February 2010

JEA HydroTech Engineering, Inc. ranks in the Top Tarrant County Engineering Firms 2010.

January 2010

JEA HydroTech Engineering & Surveying is very pleased to have been involved from inception to completion of the Barnett Shale’s most productive gas well - the Day Kimball Hill #A1 in South Arlington. Details...

June 2009

JEA HydroTech's design work for the Ruthe Jackson Center Gardens earned a nomination for the 2009 Golden Trowel Award in the Hardscape/Landscape Category through the Masonry Contractors Association. Details...

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